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“Most people don’t plan to fail.  They fail to plan.” – John Beckley.  Less than 15% of businesses develop a comprehensive business plan prior to launching their business.  It is like going on a journey where you have an idea of the existence but you do not truly know the best route to get there.  You may be able to get there using a variety of methods and roads, but not knowing the best one is costly.

Certainly, you would like to get there using the most efficient vehicle.  You wouldn’t take a car on the ocean.  In some cases entrepreneurs have chosen traveling by boat when flight is available.   You might get there, but time is a factor.  Knowing at least 85% of the businesses fail to plan, leads to the next statistic that approximately 60% of businesses go Out of Business in the 1st 3 years.  So just planning puts you ahead of 85% of your competition.  Now, getting the right team to assist you in that plan will be the difference in the right plan for success or taking the boat when all of your competition took a plane.  Let us get you on the best flight to your destiny.