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Big mistake or Business Wiz


If you follow college or NBA basketball you have heard the name Lavar and Lonzo Ball, father and son. Lonzo Ball was a UCLA standout now the number 2 pick in the NBA Draft for the LA Lakers.

Lonzo’s name had been swirling around as a lottery pick since midway through UCLA’s season. But not until his father Lavar Ball made, what some people would call outlandish statements did Lonzo Ball become a household name. Lavar ball stated his son Lonzo was better than reigning two time NBA league MVP Stephen Curry, right now! Lavar also stated in his prime he could beat Michael Jordan 1 vs 1 along with some other things that people frown upon. Take a look at some of Lavar Ball’s comments.

You hear Lavar same somethings that are not very popular. And I know what you’re thinking what this has to do with business?  Well the question is Lavar a marketing genius or is his new found fame a fluke and a big mistake by putting tons of pressure on Lonzo to perform.

Did you ever think Lavar Ball was fooling you?  Is he actually using an amazing marketing strategy?  Before Lonzo Ball has played a single game in the NBA he has all eyes on his next move because of his father’s tactics. Well what brand doesn’t want everyone to know there name. Lonzo has his brand “Big Baller Brand” . Lavar Ball has created a brand for his family and Son that has already started making dollars.  So on the business side things let’s ask ourselves did Lavar Ball have plan in place, did he positon his son to be drafted to La Lakers, by only allowing Lonzo to workout for the La Lakers and did he Media/The people to keep his relevancy going ?

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