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Who is Leading You and Who are You Leading

I read this in article I received in my social media network. Let’s talk about this author’s concept.   Study participants demonstrated a working understanding of multiple leadership theories, such as Situational, Transactional, and Transformational. Their leadership behaviors, however, tended to be more reflective of the relational leadership theoryand dispersed leadership approaches. Specifically, they understood the importance of […]

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Big mistake or Business Wiz

  If you follow college or NBA basketball you have heard the name Lavar and Lonzo Ball, father and son. Lonzo Ball was a UCLA standout now the number 2 pick in the NBA Draft for the LA Lakers. Lonzo’s name had been swirling around as a lottery pick since midway through UCLA’s season. But […]

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Books of Value

Warren Buffet has multiple books , that lets us in on some of his business savvy philosophies Here are some Best sellers

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